Our Family - Welcome Note

 “In numbers Parsis are beneath contempt but in contribution, beyond compare”
- Mahatma Gandhi

With these great words of Bapuji I welcome you to our website.  This website designed is not for eulogizing Parsis or eulogizing my family or eulogizing our great great grandfather Khansaheb Faramji Cavasji Contractor. This website is primarily designed to give you an idea about:

  1. My Family Lineage
  2. A bit of idea about Parsi History
  3. The holy words of our Prophet Zarthushtra
  4. Briefly  mention  the  top 20 leaders of our community as I see them
  5. Give you some idea about Cuisine & Culture
  6. The Integration in the Indian Society

But more than anything  we wish to convey our THANKS to the people of our country who have helped us to stay in this country. We came as BOAT people taking refuge in not a very far off place from Vadodara in Sanjan. Today we are the most privileged citizen of the country.


Once again I welcome you to this website…

Nikitin Contractor