Our Family - Those With Life & Zest

Yes this is the small but beautiful family of ours. We start with the senior most my aunt Mani Darab Mehta & my uncle Dara followed by our uncle Fali Pirojshah Contractor. My aunt & uncle Jeru Manekshaw Contractor & Pessy Contractor. I Nikitin Contractor & my better half Rukhsana.

I can say all of them are leading a lovely LIFE. All of us have survived many turbulence in our lives but we have not given up. We have kept the flag flying.

Briefly Mani aunty worked for the British Library & Dara Uncle was the chief hydraulic engineer. Now retired staying at Kemps corner, Mumbai.  Their hallmark as I see it is they are a very determined lot specially Dara Uncle. He is a fighter at 91 will not give up. A man full of zest for good FOOD….

Well my uncle again full of zest even today. I see him trying so hard to settle his youngest son Nadir.  Even at this age he loves to hear Shakira’s waka waka. He is blessed by five sons Nadir, Firoze, Farooq, Adil & Jehangir. At night he loves to watch CRICKET irrespective of the country. This is LIFE & ZEST.

Now I would like to write about my aunty Jeruben. I would just say in two words she is a women of substance. A lawyer by profession she helps the Agyari a lot as well as she has handled several of our legal matters competently. Today she has made a name for herself by getting appreciated by all corners of the society. I think the greatest appreciation came when Parsis Panchayat felicitated her. Her brother Pessybhai is her silent supporter. He doesn’t speak much but he thinks a lot. A very simple person.

This brings me to my humble self. Yes I am a very lucky person to have seen half the world having being loved by more than 15000 students and being clearly call by one and all Niku Sir. I have not done much in business except being in academics and travelling the world hence my favorite quote is

“The woods are dark and deep and I have promises to keep and promises to keep before I sleep”.
 – Robert Frost.

My better half Rukhsana supports me a lot in all my activity. I can just say she has a very deep understanding of LIFE and for both of us I will say again what Frost said “ Life Goes On”.

God we thank you for the LIFE & ZEST given to us.