Thus Spake Zarthushtra
Ahura Mazda :

Ahura Mazda is the Lord of Life and Wisdom, the Light and the Truth. Ahura Mazda’s Body is Light and His Spirit, Truth. Have unwavering Faith in the Greatness and Goodness of Ahura Mazda. When you go out into the darkness, take Ahura Mazda’s hand in to your hand. That will be for you better than light and safer than a known way. Ahura Mazda alone is worthy of all praise ad adoration.

Ahura Mazda knows what is best for His creation of which we are but an insignificant and infinitesimal part. Let your thoughts be inspired by Ahura Mazda; your words dictated by Ahura Mazda; and your deeds guided by Ahura Mazda. If one acts according to Ahura Mazda’s commandments, one need not be afraid of any mortal however mighty and powerful he may be. Ahura Mazda does not pride in keeping Himself aloof and distant in His awful Majesty. Thou, Ahura Mazda, art the eternal refuge of the weak and the weary and the wronged.

The Sun and the Moon and the Stars give us their light, but Ahura Mazda is the Light that lights them to light the world. Filial gratitude is due to the parents from their dutiful children. A hundred times more it is due from mankind unto Ahura Mazda, the Heavenly Father of all.  One need not scale the heights of the heavens nor travel along the highways of the world to find Ahura Mazda.

With purity of mind and holiness of heart one can find Him in one’s own heart. Live with Ahura Mazda all the days of the year in His blessed company and not only fixed days of the sacred feasts and festivals. Merciful art Thou, Ahura Mazda, even to the sinner who throws himself upon Thy Mercy.

 Ahura Mazda abhors costly sacrifices and gifts. He appreciates the sacrifice of a contrite heart and the gifts of Righteous Thoughts, Righteous Words and Righteous Deeds. Neither mountains nor oceans separate man from Ahura Mazda. One’s evil thoughts alone, keep one aloof from Ahura Mazda. Ahura Mazda sends His special messengers at various periods of chaos and confusion to guide Humanity along the path of Divinity. Seek Ahura Mazda’s forgiveness for all your transgressions of Thoughts, Words, and Deed. Trust in God and do the Right. I do not know that Thou art, O Ahura Mazda ! but whatever is that Thou art.

Fire :

Contemplate the beams of Fire with a most pious mind. Fire teaches many a lesson to everyone who contemplates its beams with an enquiring mind. Fire soars upwards and lifts the thoughts of a Mazda yasni far above the filth and dross of the material earth. Fire purifies everything it touches, but itself remains pure. Nothing, ever, can pollute Fire. Fire is latent everywhere. It can easily, be produced by striking one piece of stick or stone against another.

Fire is the link between the Finite and the Infinite; between the Abstract and the Material; between the Creator and the Creation.  Body is Earth. Life is Fire. Fire produces heat which is characteristic of a living body, whereas coldness (absence of heat) is synonymous with death. Just as the different beams of Fire, when brought close, merge with one another, in the same way all individual souls (Urvaan) merge with one another to constitute the Universal Soul (Geush Urvaan). By their ceaseless movements, the beams of Fire remind us that Activity is Life; stagnation is death. By altering beyond recognition the things burnt.

Fire visibly manifests the eternal change that pervades the Universe. Fire reduces everything into the ultimate i. e. ashes, thereby indicating impermanence of everything in creation. Just as Fire is broad-based at the bottom but pointed at the top, all difference and diversities at lower levels become resolved into Unity and University at the highest level, i. e. of Divinity.

As is the offering to the Fire, so is its response. Offering sandalwood and incense radiates fragrance all around, whereas the burning of a stinking corpse or carcass fouls the atmosphere with offensive smell. Fire emanates Lights. And Light is Ahura Mazda. It dispels darkness and gloom, and brightens up the firmament. Fire is absolutely the same in all climes at all times. Fire is impartial. It readily serves a saint or a sinner, and scorches either of them if carelessly handled. The Sun, which is a ball of Fire, shines upon the good and the bad, fair and ugly, pure and impure, clean and filthy, and, its all-purifying light cleanses all filth and stench and defiling and decaying matter.

Fire defies analysis, and its origin is unknown. Civilization began with the discovery of Fire. When one turns one’s face to the Sun in yonder heaven or looks at the Fire on the censer, looks at the Fire on the censer, it is only because one sees Thee, Ahura Mazda, in the Sun and in the Fire. If the world’s most rabid vandals should ever succeed, God forbid, in their devilish design of erasing each and every. Written or Spoken Word by consigning to flames all the sacred scriptures of Mazdayasna is existence, or by blowing up all the mountains which nurse the rock-cut inscriptions in their bosom, or by killing each and every person capable of transmitting it from mouth to mouth, even then the beams of the sacred, immortal and indestructible Fire shall continue to blaze forth the Message of Mazdayasna for ever and ever.

Death and Immortality of Soul :

Our Present Life is a prelude to the Future Life. It is a pilgrimage of short duration to a higher life. Do not run away from death, for you can never die before the appointed time, and nothing can save you from dying when the appointment time comes. Count every day as a forward step towards death, and live every day as if it were your last so that, fully prepared for death, you may meet the end of your life upon Earth with calm and placid face and with a smile upon your lips.

The soul which is afraid to fight against Evil has failed to carry out its Divine mission and has wasted its life during its sojourn in this world. Unequal in life, all lie equal in death. Faith in life hereafter gives meaning to this life. In the world of the dead, merit alone counts, worth alone wins. Rich ritual and burnt offering brighten not the pain to paradise. It is merit alone but opens the portals of paradise for man’s soul in the world to come.

On the day of Resurrection you shall be answerable to Ahura Mazda for your Thoughts, Words and Deeds in this world. Bodily death does not mean the death of the Soul, which is immortal. So is the Holy Spirit. The Fravashis (departed Spirits) are anxious to know who among the living remember them, and invoke them by their names, and pray for their blessings. The Fravashis (departed Spirits) help to keep the living in touch with the dead whom we cannot see but whom we can always remember. The Fravashis (departed Spirits) bring to us from heaven the united blessing of the dead, and take our thanksgiving heavenwards in turn. We reserve the memory of all Souls, past, present and future, who fought for the Righteous cause and upheld Righteousness.

Since we can never fully repay the debt of gratitude to our glorious ancestors, let us live in such a manner that our living may be an honour to the departed dead. The body of an individual after the soul has departed should be disposed of as quickly as possible in such a manner as not to pollute the atmosphere, earth, and water. Death levels the high and the low alike. All is not lost when death takes place, for death is not the end of life.

Nature and Creation :

Do not be blind to the marvels of Nature. One draught of Nature’s elixir is better than a dozen doses of any other drink. Incomparable is the joy that Man finds in this world of a thousand wonders when he lives in communion with Nature. From Nature unto Nature’s God is the next logical step. The entire Nature is saturated with the Divine Life of Ahura Mazda. All Nature bears witness to the existence of Ahura Mazda.

Ahura Mazda is reflected in and known by His creation such as the Sun, Moon, Stars, earth, trees, air, water, birds, and beasts. Therefore, do not cut yourself off from the light of the Sun, Moon, and Stars. Keep in the sunshine. Nothing beautiful grows in the darkness. Do not pollute earth, air, and water. Do not cut trees nor destroy green vegetation but transform waste lands and deserts into gardens. Refrain from killing birds and animals. Treat them with love and affection and make use of them to improve the lot of mankind.

Nature hates monopolies and knows no exception. It has always some leveling agency that puts the overbearing, the strong, the rich, the fortunate, substantially on the same ground with all others. Nature is like a mighty balance holding in its scales an absolutely states of things. You cannot add a certain amount of one quality to one scale without, at the same time, adding an exactly corresponding amount of its opposite quality to the other. In the same manner, one cannot remove a certain amount of any trait from one scale without, at the same time, removing a corresponding amount of its opposite trait from the other.

A perfect Equity seems to hold the evenly balanced scales of Nature. All infractions of Love and Equity in our social relations are speedily punished. If the government is cruel, the governor’s life is not safe. If the tax is too high, the revenue will be proportionately less. If the criminal code is sanguinary, juries will not convict. If the law is too mild, private vengeance will step in. Nature abhors all extremes, and our salvation lies in Temperance or the golden mean which is nothing else than a state of equilibrium between the two opposing forces of the all-pervading polarity of Nature.

Good and Evil :

The one and only Ahura Mazda has created Pairs of opposite characteristics in every walk of life throughout the entire creation. One of such a pair is the Positive or Constructive characteristic capable of leading the creatures towards the Creator. It is called Vohu Mano i. e. the Righteous Mind.

The second of such a pair automatically assumes the Negative or Destructive role which prevents the Positive or Constructive aspect from exerting its good effect, and drags the creatures away from the Creator. Ahura Mazda is capable of exercising any one of the two features depending on what He thinks fit to fulfil His eternal plan. Ahura Mazda has conferred upon human beings, whom He made in His own image, the power of choosing and exercising any one of the pairs of opposite characteristics. Always choose the Positive or Constructive aspect. Be Good, not Base. Never be dispirited if your efforts to achieve something positive are, at the same time, thwarted by the forces of reaction.

The greater your efforts, equally great will be the resistance thereto. Life is one eternal struggle between the forces of Good and Evil. The true Mazdayasni is he who harnesses Evil to sub-serve the furtherance of that which is Good. Our yearning for the true, the good, and the beautiful, is keen in proportion to our experience of their opposite characteristics. Ahura Mazda recognises only two classes among mankind, the Ashavant i. e. righteous, and the Dregvant i. e. wicked. One who wishes ill of others achieves nothing worth-while. No sooner he does one evil than one hundred evils recoil upon his own self.

When a man makes an honest effort to cleanse himself day by day of his evil thoughts, evil words, and evil deeds, then will follow in their wake, as the day the night, good thoughts, good words, and good deeds. No one can call himself pure until he has met and overcome the evils and temptations that beast his path, and subdued and tuned to nobler, channels the passions with which he is born. Just as gold needs to be put in a crucible before it can be freed of its dross, so a man needs to be put in the larger crucible of the world’s rough and seductive ways before he can rightly consider himself to be free of earthly dross.

Seek ye not the innocence of a child, but seek ye the purity of a saint by casting off Dush’mata, Duzh’ukta, and Duzh’varshta and holding fast HU’MATA HU’UKTA, and HU’VARSHTA. Even in the best of us there is the lower nature that subserves the great principle of Evil. Therefore, it behoves us to treat which large-hearted charity and broadminded tolerance those of our fellowmen who, either from inherited defects or unfortunate conditions of education and outward circumstances, not realizing the higher, fall more under the sway of their lower nature than we do.

Love and Ecstasy :

As the Fire on the censer consumes sandalwood so let the Fire burning within you consume your heart with love for Ahura Mazda. He breathes not the fragrance of divine mysteries whose head is not warmed by the heart. Everyone, whether sober or intoxicated, is in search of the Beloved.

Every place, whether tavern or temple, is the abode of love. In the abattoir of Love, none but the good is sacrificed. Those who are emaciated and of diseased stock are not sacrificed. Are you a true lover? If so, run not away from being sacrificed; for, it is only a carcass which is not consider fit to be sacrificed.

A lustful man is incapable of realizing the ecstasies of Love just as a house-fly cannot aspire to emulate the burning desire of the moth to immolate itself in the Flame of Love. Tell not the mysteries of Love and Ecstasy to a sceptic, for he is so engrossed in the worship of his own self that he prefers to die in ignorance of the existence of such qualities.

Feeling and Imagination :

Cultivate Feeling and Imagination in order to develop that fineness of structure in the body which renders it capable of the most delicate sensation and fineness of structure in the mind, which renders it capable of the most delicate sympathies – in short, Fineness of Nature.

Without fineness of nature all the noble powers of Imagination, having nothing to work on, are likely to remain dormant. Imagination, far from being a false and deceptive faculty, is exactly the most accurate and truth-telling faculty which the human mind possesses.

It is all the more truth-telling because in its work, the vanity and individualism of the man himself are crushed and he becomes a mere instrument or mirror used by a Higher Power for the reflection to others of a truth which no effort of his could ever have ascertained.

 Hence its true force lies in its marvelous insight and foresight. Consequently, whenever we want to know what are the real and underlying facts of any case or object whatsoever, as for instance those of our religion, we must not go to mathematicians but to poets for they, and they alone, can see into the heart of things by this marvelous faculty of Imagination. Constructing a thousand shrines of worship is not better than making single soul happy.

It you make one independent minded man you slave by showering kindness upon him, it is better than freeing one thousand slaves from captivity. If you shower rose petals upon someone, do so most gently, for the heart within our bosom is more delicate than glass. Let the joy of living fill your heart to overflowing. Do not lose joy in life as you grow old in years.

Let not your ‘joie de vivre’ be crushed under the weight of years. The world is darker than the darkest night. One must, therefore, have a conscience finer than the finest hair that would guide the mind and soul to abstain from evil and warn that crookedness never pays.

If a strong man were to realize that there is somebody stronger than him i.e God, he will refrain from persecuting those who are weaker and less fortunate than he. With the eyes of the intellect see non but the Beloved. Whatever you see, regard that to be His manifestation.

What an ineffable loveliness comes over the face of an earthly creature when its spirit is attuned to the Highest that even a celestial being looks positively coarse and vulgar beside. Therefore, have a conscience finer than the finest hair that would guide the mind and soul to abstain from evil and warn that crookedness never pays. We cannot get imagination or feeling, or faith, by paying for them. Money cannot buy them. Nor, on the other hand, can learning or watching, or waiting, obtain them in any appreciable measure. A man is born with them or without them. Without them the inevitable earthly gloom must gather round even the strongest of us.

Spirit of Thanksgiving :

Offer thanks to Ahura Mazda with every breath that you take in and with every breath that you let out, for, one never knows which will be the last breath. A man after fifty years of prosperity and happiness may be, by some unforeseen accident, reduced to sickness and poverty.

Many are tried by this criterion but few are found worthy. To suffer a day of pain, after fifty years of pleasure, is too much for them, and they complain, in bitterness of spirit to the Creator of all Good of His injustice and cruelty without remembering the good they have so long enjoyed.

Ahura Mazda requires only two things of the sons of men; the first, that they should not sin; the second, that they should be grateful for the many blessings He is continually bestowing on them.

Our thoughts fail to grasp the abundance of Ahura Mazda’s unbounded bounty. Ours words fail to give adequate expression to our feelings of gratitude. We owe Him a debt which we can never discharge. I cannot rest in peace without Thee O Ahura Mazda! I cannot enumerate Thy obligation. Should every hair on my body become a tongue, I cannot express one out of the thousand thanks that are Thy due.

Prayers :

Prayer is the heavenward soaring of the Soul on the wings of words. Silent Meditation is the best for attaining spiritual enlightenment. Rise with the dawn. Wash the body with clean water and purify your soul with Prayer, and be ready for the daily chores before the rising Sun calls you to duty.

Prayer is the most potent means of loving fellowship between Man and Ahura Mazda. Great indeed is the efficacy of Prayer. It opens the gate of one’s inner temple to let Ahura Mazda in. A noble Thought is a Prayer. An earnest desire is a Prayer. A pious longing is a Prayer.

The sincere sighing of a penitent heart is a Prayer. In audible Prayer, Righteous Words are articulated by giving utterance to Righteous Thoughts in clear impressive voice. Dress your thoughts and give expression to them in as perfect and inspiring a language as possible.

Knowledge and Wisdom:

All Righteous Words and Righteous Deeds spring from Knowledge and Wisdom. Knowledge is Man’s highest acquisition. It is priceless. It is Man’s unfailing and life long friend, his surest and safest guide in life.

Wisdom is the discerning exercise of knowledge. Neither deep learning nor profound knowledge is Wisdom. Judicious use of knowledge makes for Wisdom. Able is he who learned is. Knowledge keeps the mind of an old person always young. An enlightened soul lacking in Wisdom, can never remain happy for a single moment.

One whose Wisdom is clouded by intoxicating drugs knows neither Peace nor Rest. Seek ye not riches but seek ye Wisdom. When you visit a perfume seller, your cloths will give out the fragrance of perfume, whereas if you go to a coal-seller, they will be stained black. Populous buildings up-reared of human hands are bound to be destroyed by Sun and rain. But, noble works, that are the outcome of Knowledge and Wisdom shall withstand the effects of inclemencies of weather, and endure for ever. Give me the will to know and the will to learn O Ahura Mazda ! Let me keep on learning all my life. Let me gather information and instruction from anywhere and everywhere. All wisdom lies in Temperance, Tolerance, and Charity.

Optimistic Faith:

Belief in Ahura Mazda gives meaning to existence, lends colour to life, and gives us Peace of Mind that passeth all understanding. There is only one Path, and that is the Path of Righteousness. All other paths are no paths.

Righteousness will ultimately triumph over Evil, so never be downhearted, and never give way to the deadly emotions of Anger, Envy, Fear, and Grief. Always be Optimistic. In case of dispute, Patience and Perseverance are our greatest allies, and Time, the best judge, so that ultimately Right shall shine out as Right, and the wrong shall be branded as wrong.

Faith is the belief in the unknown as Belief is faith in the known. Life loses its luster when it loses its Faith. Hope enables us to endure the hardships of life with courage and contentment. It emboldens us to encounter difficulties and overcome obstacles. Hope sustains and stimulates, comforts and cheers, encourages and inspires us. Hope engenders in us patience and perseverance.

 Despair is blank and barren and bankrupt. It is an end devoid of any future. Let us not mourn over the sorrows of yesterday, forgetful of the joys that tomorrow has in store for us.

 Let us not mope over the dead yesterday of despair when tomorrow is dawning with tidings full to hope. The grass and the trees, and the wind and the waves, and the birds and the beasts, all sing and smile and laugh. Join in the chorus and do what whole Nature does. Realize the limitless latent possibilities that lie within you. Sorrows and sufferings, trails and tribulations, are great disciplinarians that lead one to the springs of spiritual enlightenment.


Time is Man’s most precious possession. Time is Life. It can neither be borrowed nor bought. Mis-spent time is life wasted.

 Time best employed is Life best lived. Yesterday is beyond repair. Tomorrow may never come. Today alone is ours. Make the best use of it as it is your sole, sure possession. Time well lived in youth gives man sweet memories to look back upon when he grows old. He who learns nothing from the Past will be punished by the Future.


The finest and fairest, gentlest and loveliest expression of speech is song. The Gathas are the sublime songs of Zarathushtra who spoke not his speech but sang his hymns. Ahura Mazda is the first and foremost musician.

His music pervades the whole Universe if we have but ears to listen. It is to be found in the whispers of the breeze in the trees; in the murmuring of the flowing water in the brooks; in the chirping of the birds; and in the outpourings of the thoughts of an ardent devotee.

Ahura Mazda’s creation itself is a song sublime. May my songs of devotion that glorify Thee and magnify Thee reach Thee, O Ahura Mazda !


A chaste woman is the noblest creation of Ahura Mazda. Woman is the marvel of creation. Unrivalled and unequalled in Form and Beauty is she in the seven realms. She is the blooming flower in the garden of life that breathes perfume all around.

Woman is the teacher of gentility to man. She helps man to grow in moral height. She is the sustaining power of the life of man. The fanatic iconoclast turns a docile idol worshipper when he approaches woman, the eternal idol of humanity in flesh. Wifehood and Motherhood are woman’s most sacred functions.



Nature abounds in many a charming object but none so sweet as a child. Children fill our eyes with delight. They gladden and they brighten our homes with their bright face, happy smiles, sweet prattlings, and spontaneous gestures and gesticulations. The child is a source of strength to the father.

If a son does not walk in the footsteps of his father, regard him not as son but as a stranger. When the time of passing away draws near, the existence of a son give a new lease of life. A man’s name lives through his son as for example when people say : such and such a one is the son of so and so. There is nothing sweeter than one’s life and one’s child. There are no bonds stronger than the bonds of one’s children.


Transgressions and Sin:

All impure thoughts, impure words, and impure deeds, spring from lack of Knowledge and Wisdom. Eating without exercising and exerting for it is Sin. So also is making easy money through speculation and gambling.

Sin poisons the spring of Life. It hides the Truth and deadens one’s heart to virtue. Pride feeds on vanity, thrives on birth and rank, and riches and power. The proud of purse and possession know not how fickle and fleeting is all fortune. Humanity is fairer in rags than Pride in raiments of gold. Be not proud and inaccessible to the poor and the lowly when you sit on the seat of authority.

Form no covetous Desire so that the demon of greediness may not deceive thee, and the treasure of the world may not be tasteless of thee. Scandal or slander, backbiting or calumny, is an inexpiable sin. Bereft of Goodness, hollow and empty are the pride of birth and pomp of power; and boast of beauty and arrogance of riches, a mockery of human vanity.

Far better it is to walk the rugged path of Righteousness and win happiness as reward than strut along the smooth path of wickedness and reap suffering as retribution. Seek not and judge not your neighbour’s faults. Turn your gaze within you to see if vice lurks therein. Long is the arm of Nemesis over Evil, so do nothing but Good. Harass not the tiny ant which labours to carry a grain for its survival, for it has life and life is sweet indeed.

The fabric of life with its warp and woof is woven upon the loom of Righteousness. If a man allows impurity to find an entrance into his life, whatever ideals he has gathered round him will, one by one, fall away from him, his imagination will be clipped in its higher flights and, however intellectual the man may be, in his sanest moments he will come to estimate himself not much above an earthworm.

Vulgarity consists primarily in a deadness of the heart and body and an inability to feel or conceive noble character or emotion. And, vulgarity becomes all the more fatal and deceptive when it is concealed by a thin veneer of apparent refinement and education. Seek Ahura Mazda’s forgiveness for all your transgressions of Thought, Word, and Deed. O Ahura Mazda ! look upon me.

Thy humble supplicant, with compassion ! Look at my pitiable, distresseing condition ! Although I am not at all worthy of Thy Mercy, look not at me but at Thy boundless compassion !



Clear intellect, which the essential pre-requisite for thinking Righteous Thought is developed by inhaling fresh air, drinking pure and sparkling water, eating clean and nutritious food, and abstaining from drug and intoxicants.

The spoken word is impressive if the throat is kelp clean. Therefore, one should not put anything into the mouth except clean food and pure water. Execution of Righteous Deeds requires a healthy vigorous body. Physical exercise is essential to develop and keep the body healthy and vigorous.

Agriculture is best for health because it keeps one in close and constant contact with all the elements of Nature. Health is the richest treasure of Man upon Earth. Life is blank and empty when it is bereft of Health.

Health gives liveliness and cheerfulness, super-abundant energy and exuberant optimism.

Debt is a disease that undermines Health and Morals.


Honest Labour:

Agriculture is the noblest labour because it is creative and productive. Hands that work are much more precious than hands that pray. Only those who will diligently plough their fields and till the soil will reap a bumper harvest.

Strenuous work adds zest to the pursuit of life and makes rest and recreation more enjoyable. Man is born to work and prosper, not to rest and rust. We gather in the present the harvest prepared by the noble efforts of our ancestors in the past. Our children, likewise, will enjoy, in future, the fruits of our labour at present.

We should always feel contented with whatever we have lawfully achieved with our own exertions. Contentment enables us to see everything in nothing. Always be contented with what you HAVE: never with what you ARE.

Nothing good and noble can be achieved in the world without honest labour and hard work. Sloth turns an independent-minded person into one with a slavish mentality. Idleness, prodigality and vanity incur debt. Industry, thrift and integrity, keep one free from debt.

Many of the misfortunes of men arise from their idleness, and extravagance, and misconduct. Many that have seen better days waste their fortunes in wanton pleasure and debasing sensualities of feasting and carousing.

To the thoughtless, of course, the drone with his constant buzzing will appear more active than the busy bee with her quiet, ceaseless work. Do not confound mere Feverish Restless-uses with Real Activity. Desire, in itself, is not evil. Desire is an incentive to actions and stimulant to active life.

You are the master of your own fate, by hard and honest work. Want and destitution free flee from the house whose inmates earnestly and industriously labour for their living.

Throw yourself whole-heartedly into your work. Take up your daily work cheerfully and enthusiastically whatever the nature of your work may be. Work while there is yet day, for the night of life may overtake you at any moment all unawares. Prosperity treads on the heels of sustained Labour.

Man is the sole arbiter of his destiny. None can help him to win salvation for his soul, and none can, likewise, help him in this world if he struggles not strenuously to help himself by an active and industrious life.



Real greatness lies in a pure and simple life. Man is a creature incapable of satisfaction by anything upon Earth ; and to allow him habitually to possess, in any kind whatsoever, the utmost that Earth can give, is the surest way to cast him into lassitude or discontent.

Upright simplicity outshines vulgar ostentation. Practice simplicity in habits, simplicity of heart, and simplicity of character. Love simplicity in all things, and always live in dignified simplicity.



Happiness is the harmony of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Happiness is Man’s harmonious relation to his environment. The source of Happiness is within Man. Sublime Peace in the inner world of Man is Happiness.

The most happy is he who most promotes the happiness of others. Wealth in itself is not happiness, and the rich are not always happy because they have wealth.



Speak nothing but the Truth with your tongue. Simple and straightforward is the language that Truth speaks. It needs no rhetorical embellishment. It shines in its innate simplicity.

Never crooked and never zigzag, with no byways in which a traveler may lose himself, straight is the path of Truth. Honesty that comes out unscathed from the fiery ordeal of temptation is like unto gold that is purified by fire. Turn instinctively towards the moral light of Truth as the plant turns towards the physical light. Unite and make common cause with all agencies that fight for Truth.


Self Respect:

Priceless is the treasure of Self Respect. Let me not distrust my inborn strength and my inner resources. Let not the enervating thought of doubting myself and my powers ever cross my mind. Let me not look for help from without, when within me lies the inexhaustible store to redeem my poverty.

It is better to die in honour, with Self Respect intact, than to live in shame with its loss. Inspire me, O Ahura Mazda ! to value my Independence and Self-Respect and to strive for their preservation even in the midst of my poverty and want. Bless me.

Ahura Mazda, with the unbending spirit of self-reliance. Give me undying faith and robust confidence in myself. Teach me, Ahura Mazda, to live by my own efforts, and to fight my way successfully through the hard struggle of life.

O Ahura Mazda ! save me the embarrassment of becoming dependent upon my brothers, relations, and friends. Give me daily bread without my becoming obliged to others so that I may not be compelled to go away from Thy door to theirs.



Aim high and aspire to reach the highest. Aspiration is more ennobling than achievement. The discipline of the soul is the first stage of its ascension. To rule, it must serve. To gain all, it must give all. It must discover Spirit in Matter before it can raise Matter to Spirit. Therefore must the first CELL of the physical body be pure as the foundation of the spiritual super-structure.

Always be Impartial and Just. Fear the sighs of the oppressed which evoke Ahura Mazda’s wrath upon the tyrants and wrong doers reducing them to ashes. Never be proud. Always be Humble and Unobtrusive. Humbleness on the part of the affluent is an admirable trait.

If a beggar is humble, he cannot help being so. Injure not the feelings of others.