Thanking Friends by Nikitin Contractor


With this I begin thinking about the numerous people who have helped us during the course of my involvement in various activities. This is really a Sugar in the Milk Story.

Let me begin with the selfless help we received from those in public life. Normally a role in public life in India is divided at Local level, State level and National level.

To begin with at the local level I cannot forget the help of councilors like Pradip Joshi, Kiran Gujar, Balubhai Shukla (Mayor), Dineshbhai Choksi (Standing Chairman), Manubhai Patel, Late Shri Jagdish Patel, Jaswant Chauhan, Sadashiv Kulkarni, Gani Quereshi, P. C. Patel. One man who was not a councilor but stood by us 24x7 whenever we needed him Shri Rameshbhai Gupta (Former President of BJP Vadodara). I can never forget any one of them. The other just like him is Motilal Kanojia.

At the state level we can never forget the help extended by Shri Jaspal Singh (Former MLA), Jitubhai Sukhadia (MLA) for making our road of Agyari. Here I would also like to thank Rasikchandra Acharya (Former Law Minister).

At the Central level I would like to thank Professor Madhu Dandvate (Former Finance Minister) and his family for treating me like a son in the family. Whenever I am in Delhi I miss them a lot specially the innumerable meetings with him and the last call he made to me in London few days before we lost him can never be forgotten by me.  The other two whom I thank are Shri George Fernandes (Former Defence Minister) and Jaya Jaitly who have shown me tremendous respect and courtesies.

These are all people with commitment and none of them are Parsis. This is real Sugar in Milk or as I love to say SABKA MALIK EK.

This brings me to the professionals attached with us for number of years. Our CA’s Pravinbhai Shah & Late Shri Adi Adi Patel for their immense help when we needed the most. Our advocates Niramay Parikh whose father kanubhai & grand father Dayabhai have been our pleaders for generations.  Other lawyers like Mukund Shah, Vijay Goswami, Gajanan Shankar Bhatt, Shri Sudhalkar and our Supreme Court Lawyer  Shri M. V. Goswami. Last but not the least our advisor Saurabh Soparkar, Present CA Amar Shah and Akshay Shah and our valuers Hitesh Shah and Kiritbhai Patel.

Here again its sugar in the milk SABKA MALIK EK.

Now I would like to thank my innumerable friends and students who have helped us amongst them Mohan Karlekar, Rajesh Dani and family, Samir Joshi, Ashit Joshi, Memboob Momin, Jayantibhai Patel, Sanjay Patel, Parimalbhai Vyas, Mayaben Shah, Prof. Pandya and many others not mentioning their name does not mean forgetting them. You all are such lovely people.

The real thanks goes to the volunteers of Parsi Agyari Sayras Tadiwala, Parvez Tadiwala, Farhed G Wadia, Roshan Dariyasha, Firoz Dariyasha, Rayoman, Firoz, Ruby & Behnazz Vima Dalal, Faredoon Jokhi, Dara Gandhi, Shirin Gandhi, Keroman Gay, Neville Talati, Nozar Tatali, Behramshaw Contractor, Sanobar Contractor, Gev Jabbar, Adil Poonawala, Charag Padiwala, Homi Marawala, Kersi Gay, Dinkoo Mistry, Monaz Vevaina, Leena Wadia, Garlamai Gay, Bapsy Doctor, Frenny Daruwala, Kashmira Chinoy, the Dasturs Late Manekshaw Kudianwala, Marzban Dastur, Kersi Bhesania & Homi Kudianwala. It’s because of them that the flame in Agyari never extinguishes. Here also thank our Agyari Parking Staff team led by Lakhawala followed by Sunil, Ganpat & Jayanti.

Last but not the least all the trustees of Parsi Panchayat.

I end with Sab Ka Malik Ek. (God is One)