A Tribute To Khansaheb Sheth Faramji Cavasji Contractor

Whenever I think of our great great Grandfather Faramji I think of the famous line of Warren Buffett...

“Someone Sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree long ago” this is what he did for all of us. Each of the buildings he built are like trees which gives us SHADE. Just think of our world without these SHADES..

An article in Times of India reflects my sentiment.

Faramji Contractor Supervised The Construction Of Vadodara’s Symbol Of Grandeur – The Faculty Of Arts And Its Dome

Vadodara:- Nobody knew that a Parsi earning Rs 12 a month as a clerk in British Residency would end up being a contractor of erstwhile royal family of Baroda state. And that his descendants would end up being proud owners of prime properties in the city some day. For Faramji Contractor, life was filled with surprises and success stories, which now are proudly shared by his great grand children.

And that includes the M S University’s Faculty of Arts building and the famous dome.

Faramji was a civil engineer, but his life changed for the better after he joined his maternal uncle’s construction business in the city. It’s here that Faramji found his true calling and the city got a talented contractor in him.

During the time, a British was working as main contractor for Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad and Faramji was working as his assistant. The British contractor had to leave for Britain when construction work of Faculty of Arts building for Baroda College, now known as M S University, was going on. The British recommended Faramji’s name to Maharaja. It was from this assignment with the royal family that this Parsi’s career kick started for a brighter future.

It was under Faramji’s supervision that Faculty of Arts building was completed and Maharaja was greatly impressed by the final outcome. After this, Faramji starting getting more projects and ended up being royal family’s main contractor. Faramji also had his brick manufacturing business at Parsi Agiyari Ground in Sayajigunj. Both – the contractor assignment and brick business – started giving him rich returns.

Like the visionary Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad. Faramji safely invested his surplus money on land. One look at the buildings owned by him in the city shows that he knew that his properties would become centre of attention in the realty market in future. He ended up owning 10 lakh square feet land in the city and ensured that coming generation would live in pomp and luxury.

I can only say MAY GOD BLESS HIS SOUL……

Faramji Contractor’s only Son Pastonji had six children – three sons and three daughters. Faramji then decided to build six bungalows for his grand children so that they could live peacefully.